We manage money for high net worth individuals, families, and institutional clients. As faithful stewards of our clients' money and trust, we are duty bound to handle their money in a fiduciary capacity.

To manage money well is first and foremost not to lose it. Protecting capital is our primary goal. We also work hard to grow our clients’ money in a low risk, responsible way. To offset the ravages of inflation and deflation, money has to grow. We aim to grow money without sacrificing the long term safety of our clients’ capital or jeopardizing their ability to sleep well at night.

George Seay, our Founder, has been protecting and growing his own investment capital for over 20 years. The same care and attention he provides to his family and friends is provided to each Annandale client. We as the Annandale team labor to provide exemplary service and attention to everyone who trusts us with their financial resources and security.

We welcome the opportunity to visit if we are a good fit for your needs, and we look forward to hearing from you.