Firm Overview

Letter from George Seay
Annandale Advantage


Annandale Capital is unlike every other investment firm, and our advantages include:

Geopolitical Perspective

Our management team’s backgrounds and expertise provide a different perspective from which to view the investment landscape. This geopolitical lens complements the more traditional investment acumen of the team. Being able to see the forest through the trees helps us navigate constantly changing market conditions.

Agility & Nimbleness

Our size allows us to move quickly to capture opportunity. We are also large enough to be able to negotiate on our clients’ behalf. Our independence keeps us from being wed to one sector, market view or manager.

Network & Access

Our management team’s network of friends and professionals allows us to access a breadth of information and opportunities that we can use to benefit our clients. Our network allows us to both source new ideas and enhance our perspective.

Stewardship Mindset

We begin each day with the view that we have been entrusted with the careful and responsible management of our client’s assets. This mindset leads to a focus on our relationship with our clients. That focus aligns our interests and guides our decision-making to manage our client’s money with the same attention and care as our family and friends’ wealth.