What We Are Reading | April 2015

Interesting Thoughts from Markets and Finance.

Article: "Excited About the Nasdaq Record? Don’t Overpay for Stocks Again"
A reminder why the price you pay for a security matters…

Article: "Chances for Positive Returns on Eurozone Government Debt Diminish."
More than half of euro-zone sovereign debt now offers negative yield.

Article: "Say Yes to Funds that Know When to Say No"
Funds pursuing strong performance stop taking money at the right time.

Article: "Kaisa Investors Get Billion-Dollar Lesson in China Mystery Meat"
Understanding the risk of an underlying investment is critical, especially in overseas markets.

Article: "Leveraging Behavioral Simulation to Enhance the Four Percent Rule"
The 4% retirement rule of thumb withdrawal rate needs to be modified to individual circumstance given the current low-rate environment.

Article: "The Market's Return on Equity"
Return on equity is a better measure than profit margins to gauge mean reversion in markets.

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