What We Are Reading | May 2015

Interesting Thoughts from Markets and Finance

Article: "This Chinese Company Renamed Itself and its Shares Jumped 10% in a Single Day"
A reminder markets aren’t always efficient in the short run, especially overseas.

Article: "A Road Map for Investing Overseas"
Diversification is important internationally as well.

Article: "Human Stock Pickers Gain Against Indexes"
Active management is beating passive at the start of 2015, reversing a recent trend.

Article: "European Bonds Back to Pre-QE Levels After Weeklong Selloff"
This isn’t your father’s EU bond market:

Article: "Is This the Top?"
Insightful questions worth asking when the talking heads are calling a market top.

Article: "How to Tell If You're Getting Bad Financial Advice"
Red flags when evaluating a financial advisor.

Article: "A Dozen Things I’ve Learned About Investing From Peter Lynch"
Investing lessons from one of the all-time greats.

Article: "How to Vet a Charity"
A good resource for how to do some basic due diligence on charities before making a philanthropic gift.

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