What We Are Reading: August 2015

Interesting Thoughts from Markets and Finance

Article: "Some Thoughts on the Wild Week that Was"
Reflections on a volatile week in the markets.

Article: "A Dozen Things I've Learned from Charlie Munger about Benjamin Graham's Value Investing System"
A dozen lessons about Benjamin Graham from Charlie Munger’s point of view

Memo: "Risk Revisited Again"
An interesting perspective from Howard Marks on how to evaluate risk.

Article: "6 Things You Should Know About a Stock Market Correction"
In times of steep declines, it’s important to not panic and use history as your guide.

Article: "Netscape change the internet and the world when it went public 20 years ago today"
Netscape: the company that introduced the internet and revenue-less IPOs to the masses.

Article: "The Truck Running Over the Stock Market Was Headed Our Way for Months"
Investors shouldn’t have been shocked that a stock market correction was coming at some point.

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