What We Are Reading: July 2015

Interesting Thoughts from Markets and Finance

Article: "Quick 8.5% Crash, Confusion Reigns in China's Stock Market"
An article stressing it is best to avoid markets lacking transparency.

Article: "Asset-Liability Mismatches and Bubbles"
The recent Chinese experience is a reminder that governments do little to quell inflating bubbles and rarely have the tools to deal with the impact of bubbles bursting.

Article: "A History of Gold Returns"
A solid overview of gold returns. As with any asset class, the time period measured matters.

Article: "20 People You Don't Want to Invest With"
A list of qualities to avoid when seeking a financial advisor or investment manager.

Article: "Texas Investor Sid Bass to Lend Blue Bell Creameries Up to $125 Million"
Sid Bass tries to save Blue Bell, although he is after more than a pint of strawberry ice cream.

Article: "The Greatest Good"
A scientific approach to philanthropy.

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