What We Are Reading: June 2015

Interesting Thoughts from Markets and Finance

Article: "Investment Grade Bonds and Junk Bonds are Looking More and More Alike"
A cautionary note on reaching for yield when credit spreads are compressed.

Article: "Why You Should Invest with Managers Who Eat Their Own Cooking"
Not surprisingly, managers who eat their own cooking perform better than those who don’t.

Article: "Greek Deal or No Deal: Investors Question Which is Worse for the Euro"
One of the multitude of articles weighing the pros and cons of Greece leaving the Euro.

Article: "China's Stock Market: A Crazy Casino"
Several charts are pointing to China’s market getting a little frothy

Article: "Disenchanted Chinese Tech Companies Plot Escape from New York"
Chinese tech companies are leaving the NYSE to list in China.

Article: "Biotech’s Latest Miracle Drug"
This doesn’t pass the “smell test” and is another indicator the Biotech bull market is long in the tooth.

Article: "Bonfire of the Biotech Vanities"
Wall Street just created a 3x leveraged biotech index...buyer beware.

Article: "Finances Figure into Moves for Grandparents"
Some factors Grandparents should consider before moving closer to Grandkids.

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